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We create amazing Consumer and Enterprise level mobile Apps in Android and Apple iOS platforms for our clients. We create amazing mobile experience and offer the best in customer service and support.

Hire a Team

We understand that a standard solution does not work in most of the Mobile development projects. This is why we provide an option to hire a dedicated team for projects with no long term obligation.

5 things what we would want you to know about us

We ask a lot of questions.

Especially, "Why"? We believe that the most dangerous answer in business is "Because that's what has always been done". Whether you have an established worldwide brand, or you have a hot new start-up, we will consult with you and discover all the "Whys?" of your mobile strategy. We will like to be on same page with you on why do you want to do the App before we start the engagement.

We will push back when we disagree.

Our objective is to build the best mobile solution possible for you. Sometimes our experience will be the voice of reason, and when it is, we'll let you know.

We are humble.

Sometimes the client does know best. After all, we'll be dealing with your subject matter and your users. You know a lot that we don't.

We communicate a lot.

On Skype, on our iPhones, and on our land lines (yes, they still exist) and off course by emails. We will be updating you on where we are and keep asking questions along every step of the way.

We are obsessive.

We believe that what people think about at the start and end of the day is what's most important to them. Our entire team obsesses about our customers' apps from sunrise to sunset.

Why outsource Mobile App development to us ?

  • We offers highly skilled resources at amazing competitive prices with flexibility of anytime ramp up / ramp down based on project needs.
    1. We will have superb communication with you, we will always be reachable and we will constantly keep you apprised of your project's progress. We pride ourselves on our responsive customer service: we are always happy to talk with our clients by phone and answer questions as they arise.
    2. The advantage of working with a firm like LightSpeedML is that you will receive our teamʼs constant attention. When we work together, you will feel the resources of the entire company at your disposal. We know that your project is very important to you, and you will see that it is important to us as well.

  • We have Mature Quality Processes and Custom methodologies. We strictly adhere to CMMI and ISO 9001:2000 standards and our information security standards are as per BS 7799.
    With every development project, you can rely on us for the highest standards of quality, both in the process of developing the app and in the final product itself. We trust that you will enjoy working with us and watching your ideas take shape, but most importantly, we guarantee you will be extremely pleased with your finished app.

  • We enables ODMs and OEMs in Mobile Technology space to realize product ideas, in the shortest possible development time by using in house developed reference designs and IP components and also help reducing development cost drastically